Help us save Shongweni Nature Reserve

The Shongweni context is like a beautifully structured spider's web; complex and delicate but strong and resilient, if given the change!
Shongweni is 1700 hectare of irreplaceable natural space saturated with pristine biodiversity located in the rural Ethekwini region of South Africa. What makes our situation complex is that the land resides within a rural area surrounded by three tribal communities with generational claims to the land; old traditional practises still alive today. Therefore the social pressures on our biodiversity are extremely high as these methods of subsistence take from Shongweni at a demand that exceeds the reserves ability to supply.
Today, conservation is more about sustainability, especially in our case where our work is rooted within third world systems. Rural poverty is as distinct in its traits as the land is from the sky, do not confuse it with urban poverty! The poverty here is one poisoned by TB, HIV, AIDS, Diabetes and Hepatitis resulting in children being cared for by children and because of the harsh circumstances of their now depleted clan structures, they stumble off the path in desperation and into the sweet release of more sinister means like crime, drugs or poaching. So how can we simply say that “you are not allowed to poach to feed your emaciated families or chop down trees so you can find warmth tonight!” We must provide sustainable alternatives that benefit the people and in return change the tide for a fading ecosystem.
Question: who supports us to do what we say must be done?
You can help support Shongweni right now! You can help us to support and develop our anti-poaching team, you can help us to raise funds for fencing and you can help us to develop our sustainability models. Once desperation fades and is replaced by hope and opportunity, you can help us to protect our animals from people who simply take pleasure in destructive and toxic behaviours, people that poach simply for the fun of the chase.
Be part of the solution, live the change and help us save Shongweni Nature Reserve!

We need resources to continue the fight for Shongweni and we need your help!

There are so many different areas when managing the survival of a reserve from: staff uniforms, pliers for snare removal, camera traps for surveying animals, cement to repair roads to allow entry and exit in a isolated location, wheelbarrows to transport water hyacinth for biofuel production and many many more.
As a non-profit organisation we struggle to afford even the basics and the basics are so important in assisting our conservation efforts like:
    • Anti-poaching patrol teams
    • Sustainability initiatives
    • Biodiversity research
    • Community development

So please take a look at our wishlist and give what you can. By giving you are living the change our natural world needs. You can also learn more about Shongweni Nature Reserve via the Shongweni website.
Shongweni Reserve


Even though the event may have happened, Shongweni67 lives on. It is an emergency appeal for funds for a NPO that has zero budget and limited resources. To experience Shongweni67's journey head to our the event Instagram page.