Help us in our fight against poaching

In March 2020 we got a frenzied call from one of our anti-poaching patrol units about a live animal caught in a snare. Our hearts sank into the dark pit of our stomachs, knowing immediately this was a life or death situation with the balance in it's fragilest form. We had to act rapidly before our beautiful animal perished to the trap or succumbed to the poachers who laid it. Willing the energy of the reserve to guide us and quicken our feet, we sprinted out into the bush wishing deeply that luck was smiling on us today; embodying the cheetah, we ran hard!
Finally we saw her, a pretty antelope entangled in wire that lacerated her neck and deepened into her throat as she fought with all her might to break free. Throwing ourselves around her, Greg took his pliers and attempted to cut away the menacing trap as Sara gazed into her wide fear filled eyes to somehow let her know we were here to help. Knuckles blue, pliers screeching against the cold metal, nothing seemed to work. Her cries started to become muted, muffled as the snare carried on constricting and then silence... She took one final breath and she was gone. Another victim!
Poverty births desperation and out of desperation thieves ravished our supplies just before this tragedy, leaving us with blunt pliers that couldn't match the strength of the wire. Odds stacked already, how can we save lives without the right equipment? How can people live in unbuilt homes? how can teachers teach with no resources? Our anti-poaching wishlist is a pleas for vital PPE for our patrols as well as the ability to education, develop and expand our unit. It is the simplest and most rewarding way of making a difference. We can be so much more with your humanity and generosity.

What we need to continue fighting against poaching!

Backpack for the field rangers to carry their lunch and tools R500
First aid kit incase one of the rangers gets injured during the patrol
Pliers R500 for de snaring and to save trapped animals
Multi-tool knife R600 for any emergency when out in the field
Camera equipment to monitor the reserve
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We have saved many animals from poachers. Your support will help put a stop to this period!

Our anti-poaching team is a collection of incredible people who have experienced the harshities of rural poverty, yet in the face of adversity strive to be selfless, brave and protect. Their circumstances could have seen them bittered towards life, yet they have the most love and appreciation for it, not forgetting their ravenous hunger for knowledge!

It has been so inspiring and rewarding to see their unbelievable transformation, especially when their formidable efforts show dividends (low signs of poaching).

With 1700 hectares of unfenced reserve, poachers access the reserve from different angles. Help them put a stop to poaching period and allow us at Quo Vadis Africa to put a barrier between people ready to hunt and our animals!


The wishlist

The anti-poaching specific items available for donating. Give one or many knowing that you're making a huge difference to our vital work

Thank you from the unit