About Freedom

Freedom's life has been one of heartache and tragedy but unfortunately an extremely common story in his community.
Freedom, whose real name is Nkululeku Shabalala, parents split early in his life and as is common within his culture, the children are left to fend for themselves, often being left to an aunt or neighbour for care. In his case, he was alone and would go across to the neighbours to get fed from time to time.
Freedom learned how to fish at the dam and would sell his excess catch to the local people. He is a friendly jovial young man and it was through his fishing that we got to know him. Always honest and friendly with our staff, we offered him a piece job during Covid19 level 5. He proved to have something special and his appreciation for the opportunity was expressed through various conversations. It was during this time that we slowly began to learn his plight.

Freedom's living conditions

He lives in a tin house and his applications for subsidised housing through his local councillor has never been approved. Probably because he is not a political person whose name never appears on the political parties support list. That said, he purchased bricks with his first pay check and each pay check thereafter, he would purchase bricks and slowly begin the process of building his two bedroom house. This would not be a two bedroomed house as you know one to be.
Each brick cost him R8 (UK Pound 0,36 ) and he felt this was excessive so he then set out to purchase a brickmaker and rather purchase the cement and sand to make his own bricks.
During Covid Lockdown we noticed that Freedom wore the same clothes every shift, broken shoes and the same jacket. We offered freedom two long black pants that were from the security stock and after some time asked him why he never wore these clothes. He stated that they were so smart that he only wore them when he went shopping. To this day we have noticed that he only has one warm top that he always wears.

Adopting Freedom

Freedom gives selflessly every day to protect the animals of Shongweni Nature Reserve as a ranger on our anti-poaching team and so we believe it is time that karma gives back to Freedom. His kind heart, genuine soul and passionate mind deserves more than the hand he has been dealt in life.
The tide for him has to change and that's why we've chosen Freedom as one of our families for Adoption. We can raise money to help him build his home, buy new clothes and keep him fed; feeling less alone thanks to those who send their love to him from across the oceans.
So please take a look at Freedom's wishlist and give what you can but the biggest change we could make in his life is if you'd adopt Freedom today!

The wishlist

These are all items Freedom needs to complete his new home. Give one or many and change his world forever!