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Each family we visit affects us because of a different reason, each story with its own potency because of the raw uniqueness in circumstance. One man gently asked for a moment when we knocked on his door, he was bathing and needed to dress before welcoming our parcel into his home. When we finally placed the bags on the floor, we couldn’t fathom how he could have possibly bathed in this 3 by 3 room. Another, an old lady consumed by alcoholism and when entering her house we COULD understand why she drinks; if we lived in those conditions we would too. Another, we watched 3 small girls innocently playing in a pit outside their hut and we got to thinking about their futures! Did they have shoes? Can they write? Will they get to go to school? Do they even know dreams exist and sometimes they come true?

We decided these particular families needed more!

After running a needs analysis to identify the most destitute households in our communities, we’ve been compelled to go above just the food parcel drop and begin developing their living conditions period! We want to deliver routine food parcel so they’ll never go hungry, finish building their unbuilt huts, repair holes in their tin roofs, create more space, increase the quality and quantity of their belongings; more clothes, shoes for everyone, toys for the kids, access to schooling and the list goes on. As a non-profit in situ organisation, we need help to do this!

Today we’re looking for generous people: individuals, couples, friends, families, to become guardians to one of our poorest families and seize a unique opportunity to not only give but grow. You and your adopted family can grow into a beautiful clan of its own; we do not need to live by geographical, social or cultural restrictions, all we need to do is open our minds, hearts and throw our light to those living in darkness.

We hope that with your monthly adoption we’ll not only be able to drop off a food parcel every month but begin improving their quality of life and start ticking off wishlist items they daren’t even dream about!

Really, your ability to help is endless and your ability to connect personally as two households endless still!

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Adopt a family specific items available for one-off donating and monthly subscriptions. Adopt one or donate many knowing that you're changing lives for the better

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Can't commit to monthly donations? A one-off food parcel is so much more than food, it offers the hopeless hope, dreamless dreams and the hungry a full stomach. All we ask is a one-off donation of 423.89 ZAR and we will put together your parcel and deliver it by hand!
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