Join our ferocious anti-poaching team on the ground in Shongweni Nature Reserve and protect our wildlife from poachers


Volunteering as a ranger means adding strength and powerful to our brilliant but outnumbered unit.


Protect the beautiful animals that often fall victim to the poachers traps by removing them on patrol with your new team.


Become a guardian to biodiversity by tracking the residents in the reserve via camera trapping and game counting.

About the Anti-Poaching Ranger Program

Our anti-poaching team is a collection of incredible people who have experienced the harshities of rural poverty, yet in the face of adversity strive to be selfless, brave and protect. Their circumstances could have seen them bittered towards life, yet they have the most love and appreciation for it, not forgetting their ravenous hunger for knowledge!
Every individuals resilience is jaw dropping, their passion captivating and the unit they form together, unstoppable! So unstoppable within such a short space of time since their formation we are seeing much low signs and poaching, perhaps from the bag full of snares they bring back after their patrols. However With 1700 hectares of unfenced reserve, poachers access the reserve from all different angles. No matter their might, they’re constantly outnumbered and so we’re calling in reinforcements.
Have you ever dreamed of fighting on the frontlines against poachers, quite literally saving animals with your bare hands? This is your opportunity to tread the ground of Shongweni Nature Reserve with a team of fearless protectors behind you!
As the new guardian to the animals, you won’t be put in harm's way chasing and confronting the poachers face to face but you will do everything else to save the animals from their traps. You will join the unit on their patrols for snare removal, camera trapping, game counting and drone surveillance. You can be the ears and eyes of the operation all whilst building unforgettable relationships that will last a lifetime!
Are you ready?

Becoming part of the team

Siphelele will teach you about every plant and tree on your treks through the reserve, Thembelani’s need to protect the animals at all cost will motivate and inspire you, whilst Bongani contagious smile will infect you!
Our team has so much to offer you during your time as an anti-poaching ranger and you them! You’ll have a chance to share stories from two opposing sides of the world. To hear about the delights of the 1st world will be too much for them to comprehend and the stories from a team that come from the surrounding tribal villages, living in poverty, will no doubt pull at your heart strings and leave you with a new appreciation for everything we’re so lucky to have. Of course, there will be the opportunity to bond over the exchange of language. The team can’t wait to improve their English with you but the question is, do you think you can learn Afrikaans?
Another element to the program will be the chance to learn from Greg Vogt, a brilliant mind that will help shape yours. Greg is a dedicated and relentless conservationist originating from Zululand, who captivates everyone he meets with his passion. Having worked for the Anti-Poaching Foundation, there really is no-one better to volunteer as a ranger with.
If you would like to find out more then please reach out to us or download our brochure!
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Meet our rangers



Bongani Ndlovu is our junior field ranger with a contagious smile and a very committed hard worker



Freedom was a subsistence local fisherman with a huge hidden potential! He likes collecting teddy bears at home but when on the field he is strong, firm and committed.



Mthobisi Nndlovu is a junior field ranger and soccer player when not in the bush chasing poachers



Well respected in the local community, Muzi has a strong work ethics and doesn’t like when people are late.



Sihle Mkhize another junior field ranger, quiet and calm, just wanting to get the job done!



Siphelele Khwela is a junior field ranger hungry for knowledge, knowing every tree and plant!



A recent pleasant discovery: with a quiet character, Thembelani is always ready to help when it’s time to rescue one of our animals.

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