How you can help

In a time of global mass destruction that has thrown life into uncertainty, you can choose to be consumed by the negative and surrender, dwindling in the lack of hope or you can choose to become the light, stand defiant and fight! At Quo Vadis Africa we choose to stand and fight!

We’re harnessing the power of human compassion and using that force to fuel our new volunteer program, which allows YOU to start living the change in South Africa at the coalface of conservation. You have the unique chance to help us discover the sustainability of biodiversity and change the lives of communities living in forgotten conditions.

Together we can break geographical restrictions, world distinguished segregation and private limitations; expanding our circle of compassion to the far corners of our planet and each other. Taking your interests, passion and skill set, we will find you an opportunity that will change the way you see life forever. We can get the walls built and the roofs completed, the families helped and the hungry fed, the wildlife protected, sustainability accomplished and biodiversity thriving! 

All you need to do now is find your journey by choosing a project you’d like to get involved with and we’ll facilitate your dreams…

Your Journey

We have several amazing projects at Quo Vadis Africa. What are you passion about?

Elephant & Lion Research

Join the animal welfare researcher on the field for an unforgettable experience!

Anti-Poaching Ranger Program

Help us in our fight against poaching!

Become A Conservation Guardian

Join us in one of our many sustainability projects from biofuel to vegetable gardening!

The Media Project

Help us tell stories of the realities that are too often forgotten!

Found it? Reach out to us and we can start empowering our community, protecting our wildlife and driving our sustainability and biodiversity initiatives together.

It is time to live the change!

Get in Touch to learn more about how you can help!