Want to make an difference in South Africa despite the pandemic?

Our virtual volunteering offers you the opportunity to make a difference without travelling during a worldwide pandemic . Using the power of the digital world to create change, you can stand defiant and do something incredible! Besides donating and contributing to food parcels, virtual volunteering allows you to contribute to improving local children's lives by offering online English lessons and the ability to support an entire conservation effort by using your voice to spread an incredibly important message as a Quo Vadis Africa ambassador

Give the gift of education to many children who don't have this privileged because of poverty


Reach out and create a global community of Conservation Guardians as an ambassador


Support a vital fight for the conservation of biodiversity, helping protect an entire ecosystem

About Virtual Volunteering

Covid-19 doesn't cease those fighting true and we have not been halted and certainly won't be in the future!
We're harnessing the power of virtual possibilities by extending our volunteer programs virtually to you, allowing YOU to become a part of change right now from anywhere in the world. We can break geographical restrictions, world distinguished segregation and private limitations; redefining lockdown completely! Designed in response to our enforced confinement as Covid-19 engulfs a magnitude of countries, it is our defiance in the face of adversity and your chance to harness the luxury of extra time and come out of this pandemic in defiance too. Whether you're a veteran in the volunteer world or it's something you've always dreamed about, you can dive into the deep end and join us now, brilliantly giving you a unique taste of what physical volunteering with us would be like and certainly once everything is back to normality you will have the opportunity to carry on your journey with us in South Africa. You can come out and actually shake hands with the people whose lives you bettered, you can come and play with the children you taught, track the wildlife that have found safety because of your support of the anti-poaching team and come adventure in the reserve that you helped to flourish.
Imagine that!

How you can harness the power of technology

Our Virtual Volunteer program harnesses your interests, passion and skill set to find you an opportunity to simulate change now. We have two routes to choose from as a virtual volunteer, choose the one that captures your inspiration and we will charge forward despite our restricted freedom.

Route one: The Ambassador

This route is really about your individuality and using your uniqueness to stand up and speaking out, spreading our work far and wide!
A preliminary interview will highlight where your passion lies: maybe you have some natural public relation skills and are able to speak to a wide network of potential volunteers; or maybe you are rather passionate about alternative energies and might be able to present out hydroponic system for the aquaculture to experts that are willing to support our cause.
The possibilities are numerous and waiting to be discovered. Together we will find the right project for you!

Route two: The Teacher

The gift of education is one of the greatest gifts humans are given but one denied to many of the children in our communities that live in poverty.
Together we will set a date and time during the week that you can dedicate to e-learning English lessons for the kids at the heart of our project. You will be in charge of designing the class, topic and structure of the lecture, whilst the children take part within Shongweni Nature Reserve on a laptop we will donate in order for them to have this amazing gift of knowledge. Not to worry, you will also be aided by one of our brilliant in situ tutors that will virtually help you and physically help the class during some of their first ever e-learning experiences.
Please contact us or download our brochure for more information.

Do you have a unique skill to offer?

We'll always embrace expressions of personal artistry, trying to support every outreach of compassion by supporters of our cause. If you have something special that you can offer virtually that will help us in our efforts for sustainability of our wildlife and community, please get in touch today and we will find a way of bringing our collaboration together alive!

Find more volunteer programs

Want to volunteer your unique skills? Reach out! We're always open to volunteers who want to help us make a difference. Or you can find one of our other programs that inspires you.