Voice Earth


Teach the world about biodiversity conservation and the fight for sustainability from the frontlines.


Surround yourself in nature and capture the beauty of wildlife, creating a photo ark that will last forever


Use your artistic flare in photography, video, media and journalism to help tell our story and expose our work

About the media project

Being able to tell our story is absolutely critical for what we do! In an isolated location in the South African wilderness means broadcasting our message is the only way people will hear what we have to say and what we have to say is extremely important! Will you be our voice?
Becoming a media volunteer is your opportunity to stand up for a threatened ecosystem and show the hidden realities of our poverty-stricken communities to the globe! Our projects touch every social, environmental and economic aspect of Africa and will harness the passion you have for journalism, photography and videography; throwing your work into the public eye and allowing you to become a part of the amazing world of conservation!
The options are endless too: a photo diary of the day in the life of our field rangers, exploration into a giraffe's world, macro photography of our smallest creatures and beautiful flora... let your creativity run wild! Ultimately, any story you decide to tell will exhibit a reality that is too often forgotten by the rest of the world. It is time to take pictures, record videos, write an article or share real-life experiences from real people. Come and join us in adventure!
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