T-Shirts For Change

From the Love of Volunteers

T-Shirts For Change

The Campaign

T-shirt for Change is our brand new campaign that has seen the birth of a collection of meaningful graphics, symbolising our different plights of work. Born to raise vital funds for our biodiversity conservation work in the Kwazulu-Natal Province, the profits will allow us to accomplish our important sustainability initiatives and community empowerment work in South Africa.
As a zero budget, limited resource, non-profit organisation, we are struggling hugely to excel our projects because of financial exhaustion stemming from the death of Voluntourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic and overall neglect, oversight and lack of urgency from global governing powers.
We hope as people fall in love with each T-Shirt: its artwork, inspiration and talking point, we will be able to fundraise in a way that supports us, exposes a collection of incredible artists and all whilst giving our amazing customers a T-Shirt that they can wear with love and great pride - pride from knowing that with their donation they helped to save an entire eco-system, saving thousands of species and giving families a reason to hope despite poverty that dares see them dream!

From The Love Of Volunteers

The Movement

It is simply an outpour of love for the natural world. Simply the purest form of kindness: selfless, passionate and raw. It is simply artists from all across the world coming together and unifying at the chance to protect a beautiful, irreplaceable (yet threatened) wilderness and strife to change the lives of people suffering in poverty around it!
It is extremely important to us that every single graphic came from the heart of each artist and so, each and every T-Shirt has a unique meaning and story behind it, only enabled by full artistic licence. This is as much a story about the amazing artists that came to our aid, as it is about us!

The brief: Biodiversity - Sustainability - Life

Explore, support and admire their individual choices to become part of the global conservation effort and the reason we save Shongweni and all the mesmerising wildlife it is home too!

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Kasia Kozakiewicz - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Instagram @kkozdraws

Black And White Unite

Rebecca Lane - Cape Town, South Africa - Instagram @rebeccalaneart


Bruna Coletto - Folklore Atelier - Varese, Italy - Instagram @brunacolettt

Circle Of Life

James - Wiltshire, UK - Graveyard Illustration - Instagram @graveyardillustration - [email protected]

Sun Salutation

Candice Sham-Too - Cape Town, South Africa - Instagram @candice_caroline_


Liane de Jager - Cape Town, South Africa - Instagram @ldjager

We Will Always Have Paris

Pierre Engelbrecht - Vermont, Western Cape - Instagram @tom_floor


Olea Arbor - Durban, South Africa - Instagram @olea.arbor


Valinda Lombard - Gauteng, South Africa - Instagram @valindalombardart

Our Mother, My Brother, My Sister

Heleen Klopper - Studio Móda - Cape Town, South Africa - Instagram @studiomoda_designs

Family Outing

Ianthe Hudson - Johannesburg, South Africa - Instagram @ianthehudsonartist
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Remember Me Or Save Me

Heleen Klopper - Studio Móda - Cape Town, South Africa - Instagram @studiomoda_designs


Belén González - Matitafore - Rome, Italy - Instagram @matitafore

African Painted Wolf

Anita - Johannesburg, South Africa - Ferrandi Atkinson Art - Instagram @ferrandi_atkinson_art

Animals For Africa

Laura - Nottingham, England - Instagram @xcrescentmoonartx
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Abhay Nookhai - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Instagram @abhaynookhai


Bibi - Padua, Veneto - Instagram @_the_little_bibi_

The Weaver

Abhay Nookhai - KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa - Instagram @abhaynookhai

Fairy Godmother

Andrea Wild Botero - Mexico City - Instagram @pickledpulp - www.pickledpulp.com/about

The heart behind the art

Forever our light in the dark; the Conservation Guardians of Earth!

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