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Our goal is simple really! At Quo Vadis Africa, we desire to cause a global consciousness to the effect we’re having as a race and then, inspire change! We want to be part of the reason why you stop, take a breath, close your eyes, listen, retune and begin helping erase any damage we’re doing, we have done and we could do!
We no longer want to see poverty-stricken communities starving because our demand is too great for all to find food, leaving them no other choice but to poach animals that are struggling just as badly to stay in existence. We don’t want a world with fractures scarred across the land because we have lost the ability to spread our compassion outside of our immediate. We don’t want ecosystems irreparably destroyed for the greed of the two-legged because the uncontrollable addiction to money creates a blinding obsession to gain it!

We're dedicated to serving our people, wildlife and our planet!

We have such divinely delicate ecosystems dynamically different in every geographical location on earth; snow capped mountains, formidable deserts, rolling glacial fields, richly deep oceans and rainforests encased in gigantic green canopies. Everything is held by a fine balance but the balance is unbalanced right now!
We have a moral responsibility to use our brilliance for something other than ourselves and we must fight to protect, nurture and see flourish our planet and all of its inhabitants. Finding that balance once more is exactly what Quo Vadis Africa’s work is rooted in: biodiversity conservation, developing sustainability models and educating.

Where did it all start?

Quo Vadis Africa was born from Conservation Guardians which is the brainchild of Greg Vogt, a dedicated and relentless conservationist, whose soul lies at the heart of biodiversity conservation; roots originating from Zululand, where nature and it’s varsity were his playground.
Prior to Conservation Guardians, Greg saw bloom: the MTN Whale Route which earned a British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award, Raptor Award and a Green Trust Award and ECASA (Elephant Care Association of SA) dedicated to enhancing the care, welfare and husbandry of these magnificent giants in semi and full captive conditions through scientific research, evaluation and guiding management.
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Quo Vadis Africa was born from Conservation Guardians

Greg fully immersed himself in biodiversity conservation creating a nonprofit organisation held true by “we practice what we teach”. This allows Conservation Guardians to enable people from all walks of life to be touched by Africa, join the coal face of conservation and shape the future!
Born from the conservation concept that we all belong to one system, Quo Vadis Africa is our mother project to catalyse all our missions. Our team believe that nature is the highest value gift the universe gives us and so why do we destroy it? In Latin, Quo Vadis Africa poses the translated question, “Where to” – Africa?
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We must live the change!

As our population booms; we expand and we conquer, our inability to live with nature as we once did, destabilises the balance and sends us cascading into one of the most furious battles conservation efforts have ever seen!
With every poaching incident and every birth, with every rescue and every heartbreak, with every smile and every tear, our love intensifies! We stand defiance and will fight for our natural spaces until the very end…
Quo Vadis Africa is THE program that allows you to ripple the water and start fighting alongside us; through donating, adopting, fundraising or volunteering, we can cause the tsunami of change our natural world needs.
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Get to know the people behind our conservation and community initiatives. Passionate about wildlife and people!

"There really is nothing more rewarding than being part of positive growth and whilst working at the coalface of growth, in most instances challenging, but it builds character and empowers you in more ways than you will ever know."

Inspiration from our Founder, Greg Vogt

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