Join the animal welfare researcher on the field for an unforgettable experience


A valuable learning experience with dedicated time to observe, study and record animal’s behaviour.


You will be visiting an elephant and/or lion facility to research animal welfare and care.


Understand the relationship between wildlife and people and how sustainability plays a role.

About the Elephant and Lion Volunteer Program

Using your voice to speak up for those who can’t is the most potent way to fight against discrimination, abuse and neglect. We must use our “superiority” as a species and the advantages that come with it to demand what is right for the other inhabitants of this world, who simply succumb to cruelty some humans have the moral capability to inflict. That is what our research principle is built upon.
Conservation Guardians and therefore Quo Vadis Africa, work in collaboration with Padova University to apply their scientific assessment model for the welfare of elephants in captive facilities in South Africa. Recently, this collaboration has been extended to establish a similar scientific assessment model for lion care at captive lion facilities. These effective models are applied independently, and to represent the standard of care from the animals perspective.

Drive the change via scientific research

Becoming a volunteer researcher leads you to the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and established minds within the Elephant and Lion field. Greg Vogt, founder of Conservation Guardians, saw the bloom of the Elephant Care Association of South Africa and spent many years releasing Elephants back into the wild. His understanding of these magnificent animals is unparalleled, unique and intimate.
Due to the scientific element of this particular project, this experience is better suited to those who are either studying in this field or have had experience working at facilities where a background in animal welfare is required. Following the undergraduate vet and lead researchers in their daily assessments on animal welfare and care, you will be visiting Elephant and Lion facilities intensely, dedicating many hours of your day to observing, studying and recording their behaviours.
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