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Your efforts will have a direct impact on conserving and protecting our wildlife.


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Why fundraise for Quo Vadis Africa?

In times of darkness, you can choose to be consumed by it, dwindling in the lack of inspiration or you can decide to find the light or simply become it!

We’re harnessing the power of fundraising to fund the design and activation of our sustainable models that will have the power to education, evolve and retraditionalise a new sustainable way of living for the rural communities, so that people and the biodiversity of Shongweni Nature Reserve can co-exist in harmony for generations to come; unless we address critical and complex dynamics that exist at grass routes, we will never reach global conservation sustainability targets.

The 3 poverty-stricken communities surrounding Shongweni are tribal, have an 80% unemployment rate and still practice old customs that place massive stress on the biodiversity areas. To relieve this impact on the biodiversity of the reserve, our sustainable model aims to exchange subsistence values communities receive from the natural resources, with alternative options. For example:

  • Instead of chopping down tree’s for fuel
  • Instead of poaching the reserve animals for food
  • We can produce bio-fuel from water hyacinth
  • we can teach poultry farming, Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Your support will enable us to reach sustainability.

We need various resources for our projects that we simply cannot afford! Your fundraising will help us to develop:

  • 1 – Develop our water hyacinth briquette maker
  • 2 – Complete the prototype charcoal briquette maker
  • 3 – Fund staff training and develop community educational programs
  • 4 – Build pools to start fisheries for our Aquaculture and Aquaponic initiatives
  • 5 – Entry into our 2nd phase of food security
  • 6 – Investment into the youth to give them a brighter future
  • 7 – Save for 1700 hectares of reserve fencing to prevent poaching

Learn how to fundraise for us!

By fundraising for Quo Vadis Africa, you start living the change our world needs by joining the global fight for conservation right now from anywhere on the planet! We can break geographical restrictions, world distinguished segregation and private limitations by joining as one, brought together by the same dream. Together our possibilities are endless!

So let me enlighten you to the ways you can fundraise for us today…


Supporting us is the easiest and simplest way of making massive change for communities in 3rd world systems and animals threatened by human activity. There's several ways to support today. You can support our established fundraisers by giving:
    • A single donation 
    • Buying wishlist items 
    • Sponsoring a one-off or monthly food parcel drop
    • Adopting a family
    • Giving to the #Shongweni67 fund

Make a donation
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Fundraising for a cause can be extremely fun and challenging. Either take part in one of our fundraisers or let your creative juices flow by create your own:
  • Our Fundraisers:

    • Paddle 67km for #Shongweni67
    • Take part in the #shongweni67 Instagram challenge

  • Ideas for yours:

    • Bake sale
    • Skydive 
    • Sponsored fitness challenges 
    • Collaboration with your business: artwork, clothes, eco-friendly products etc

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Life runs off of inspiration and to use your voice to inspire others is a brilliant and free way of making a difference . You can inspire with our message by:
    • Follow and share us on Instagram, like and repost our updates on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel 
    • Take part in a beach or landscape clean up and enthuse others to follow
    • Make a life change to benefit the environment and educate
    • Go Vegan with friends and family
    • Stop supporting the use of harmful products like single-use plastic 
    • Swap to reusable items: cutlery, coffee cups and water bottles 
    • Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent  
    • Be educated on environmental issues globally