We are Quo Vadis Africa: dedicated to protect, nurture and see flourish our planet and all of its inhabitants!

Raising: R100,000


In a devastating time where KwaZulu-Natal (our province in South Africa) burnt, we had to stay strong, stay safe and stay positive in the face of mindless looting, political crossfire and anarchy. Shongweni67 was postponed and our jugular severed.

On the 22nd August 2021, we took to the waters of Shongweni Nature Reserve in defiance and paddled 67km to raise funds for Shongweni Nature Reserve in an emergency appeal to withstand new long lasting challenges stacked on the struggles we were already exhausted from.

Despite adversity we came out triumphant with Shongweni67 2021 being our most successful yet, surpassing our target of R100 000 and building a formidable community who will fight for the environment no matter what!

About Us

Our natural world defines beauty! We have such divinely delicate ecosystems with extraordinarily unique and irreplaceable flora and fauna. However as our population unsustainably booms, our inability to live with nature as we once did, destabilises the balance and sends us cascading into one of the most furious battles conservation efforts have ever seen, an era of mass extinction! Whether we're conscious or unconscious to it, everything about us is how nature intended. Nature is embedded in every cell of our physical being, flowing in our spirituality and existing in our everyday lives and so we have a responsibility to protect it. Our reason is simple: the natural world is our greatest gift and we must find sustainability to save biodiversity. Biodiversity is life!
Watch our call to action to find out more about our projects at Quo Vadis Africa and how you can start living the change today!
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Our Mission

Lionhearted in all our missions, Quo Vadis Africa is the volunteer arm of our entire organisation. It is THE program that allows you to become a guardian of conservation, driving our vision of creating a global community of conscious travellers, a new wave of passionate people who will cause the tsunami of change our natural world needs.
Our projects are for people who want to be a part of something bigger and brighter, something selfless and rewarding. A ``guardian`` can be from all walks of life, all financial backgrounds, all educational backgrounds, those enriched by life's magnitude of lessons or others just beginning to find those sculpting experiences. Quo Vadis Africa is simply your answer, your opportunity and your beginning leap in an integral direction.

Your Journey

Drive the change by donating, adopting, fundraising or volunteering in one of our many projects.

Elephant and Lion Research

Anti-Poaching Ranger

The Media Project

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Virtual Volunteering

Support Families: A life changing chance

Support a family in need with monthly donations to transform their whole world!
After running a needs analysis to identify the most destitute households in our communities, we’ve been compelled to go above just the food parcel drop and begin developing their living conditions period! We want to deliver routine food parcel so they’ll never go hungry, finish building their unbuilt huts, repair holes in their tin roofs, create more space, increase the quality and quantity of their belongings: more clothes, shoes for every member, toys for the kids, access to schooling and the list goes on… As a non-profit in situ organisation we need help to do this.
Nourishing food parcels

Our food parcel drop is an offering of food that will sustain a family with up to 6 kids and 3 adults for 2 weeks, two meals daily. Help us raise funds for nourishing food for these communities living in poverty.

Home repairs and supplies

We see families living in one small half-built hut, resting all five of their heads in one small bed at night. One provider of the house may carry the health and wellbeing of 8 to 10 dependents. Help us rebuild and expand these homes with roof sheets, building materials and furniture.

Access to education

Donate or join our virtual volunteer program to help us provide underprivileged children gain an education and uplift the community.

Warm clothes, shoes and household items

Many families can't afford essentials such as clothes and other household items to keep them safe and warm. You can donate to help us provide these basics.

T-Shirts For Change

From The Love Of Volunteers
From the Love of Volunteers is a compassionate movement of earth loving artists, all designing and donating a graphic inspired by Quo Vadis Africa's T-Shirt for Change campaign. It is simply artists from all across the world coming together and unifying at the chance to protect a beautiful, irreplaceable and threatened wilderness and strife to change the lives of people suffering in poverty around it!

Our new family of Conservation Guardians!

Explore, support and admire their individual choice to become part of the global conservation effort and the reason we save Shongweni and all the mesmerising wildlife it is home too. Buy a T-shirt for Change today.
The heart behind the art

Our Team

Our team is passionate about conservation and community! Reach out to us if you have any questions or send us a WhatsApp message via the chat.

We need your help. Get involved and start living the change!